Our Purpose & Strategy

We design, develop and deliver original, wholesome and effective health, wellness and beauty solutions for targeted markets.


Eureka 93 Inc. joins together three innovative health and wellness organizations to create a fully integrated CBD life sciences company:  LiveWell Canada Inc., a CBD researcher and developer; Acenzia Inc., a developer and manufacturer of natural health products; and Vitality CBD Natural Health Products Inc., a processor of hemp CBD. Our first processing facility is in Eureka, Montana, off U.S. Route 93, in the rugged Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by soaring mountains, pristine lakes and dense forests, the name Eureka93 reflects the purity and creativity that goes into all our products and solutions.

Our Difference

Our vertical integration, from seed to shelf, provides the most reliable source of the highest-quality, innovative products for our customers. Eureka93 is a design-driven company for creative solutions and systems, products, packages and services.

What We Do

Eureka93 is one of the largest hemp cultivation and CBD extraction operations in North America. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality CBD products for our customers.

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Seann Poli, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Canada




  • Owen Kenney, Co-Chief Executive Officer, U.S.A.


Board of Directors

  • Seann Poli, Director
  • Owen Kenney, Director
  • Kent Hoggan, Director
  • Willie Blocker, Director